Monday, August 01, 2011

Hello our lovely readers: D

Today is 1.Aug ... New start, new refresh for our blog .I’m preparing for you more than 20 new things for the blog: D

First of all I decided to make NEW PAGE called (Shine Here) it’s all about you... What you can find there?
1. “Bazaar “where you can buy / sell OR trade.
2.  Medoll of the month.
3. Celebrate your Birthday.
4. Share with us your pet pictures.
5. Need help?
6. Doll’s talent (in real OR in stardoll).
7. Get interview.
8. Tell me nice joke …….. For more information about this page: click here.

Not only this! If you don’t speak English then you can use our translator ( on the right side ) to keep this blog your #1, also if you want to listen to your favorite song... Feel free and send to me your suggestions on: Ghandoora@hotmail.com

And for who love traveling around the world .. Travel with us will BACK !! :)

And now for all who asking about ADVERTISING here on our blog , click here to find your suitable offer , If you want to be our PARTNER then you have to click here.

And proudly present our NEW graphic designer JenniferSydney, Here is some of her wonderful graphic.

 Do you have any questions? So go to (F.A.Q) to find your answer there. 

Well I’m still looking for TALENTED writers but this time I’m going to PAY money ( Stardollars / Stacoins ) so .. Are you creative enough to be one of us? Apply here.

Before saying good bye the medoll of the month instead of top commenter is 

  DEMI_LOVANTO_2 with 167 comments here :D
Congratulation .. contact me to get your gift 

Keep checking the blog because that's not all ! ;)
So... What do you think?!
Do you like this new refresh?! ~^.^~

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  1. I think it sounds great :)

  2. Yayyyyy ! :D i love The new Changes for August Heh

  3. Wow, Shine Here?
    That's a great idea!
    This blog starts greater and greater =]