Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hello guys! Are you ever sitting home bored when there's nothing good on TV..and well there's nothing to do on stardoll? Well, when this happens to me I like to do my nails!

Today's Look
Black Striped Silver

This look is easy, and simple, but it does end up looking pretty! 

So, first things first, make sure you have clean nails with no other polish on them. After you are sure you are all set, add a simple base-coat to help smooth the silver nail polish that is about to go on.

Zoya Nail Polish
 After your clear coat is dry, add Silver nail-polish! If you don't own any silver, that's OKAY! You can also use white (to get a zebra look) or even use bright colors! I would use pink, because pink always looks good with black :)

Tip: You can also add one more coat of nail-polish to darken, or brighten your color that you have on (This is optional, it depends on what color you have, and how YOU want it to look :)  )

So, now the hardest step--designing the "zebra stripes"

Honestly, this isn't that hard, but if some of you guys are stuck, that's no problem! Watch this video! 

Tip: (Optional) You can also do this look in the video below, this look has 2 stripes, but if you like her's than do it! :)

I hope you enjoy! Send me your pictures in the comments, and request certain looks!


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  1. I love it ♥

    Try these nails, I've tried them and they look so cool :)

    Take a look here:

  2. @Eris...for that picture would you like a tutorial?

  3. Well, I know how to do them, I've done them about 4 times before and nails look absolutely awesome.
    So I think girls would like you to show them how to paint your nails like that :)

  4. aww...The first one was so beautiful

  5. Best nails ever I tried them ..:)