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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello everyone! Wow I've missed you soo much! I am glad I am back again! :D
Hm... So Let's check out our Music News For today!

Rihanna: Teaser for her song "Cheers"
From day to day they expect the new video clip of the song of "Cheers" by Rihanna, her fans. The song  - that uses sample from the "I'm With You" of Avril Lavigne - is included in hit album of the amazing singer, "Loud" and one small teaser new video u can see below: 

Hope you like RiRi's News ;)

Evanescence: one of our songs is for Japan
Between the new songs that Evanescence wrote for their new album, it is also one that initially had the title "Orange" and spoke for the feeling that feels somebody when it loses sb who loves. 
The singer of group Amy Lee reveals in her recent interview below: "When we beganto record, happened the damage in Japan. Without occupying it, it influenced us too much - all these heart-breaking pictures... It became a perseverance to me,  thinking about it all day - and at the same time we were working that song. Thus one day, I went to the studio and said: guys this song will be for the damage." Amy changed therefore the name of song in "Never Go Back" and now she declares that it is one of her beloved songs from new album.

(also the song "what you want" from the same album can be found on youtube  now ;D)

Hope you liked our News, I did enjoy them!! Also I am so happy today, in about an hour my cousin will be born, and we will have a tiny baby girl in the family :)

Kisses & Hugs to everyone, 
waiting for your comments :D 
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  1. Wow, another Evanescence news!
    Can't wait until the "Never Go Back" song to be released, or performed in a concert!

  2. I looove rihanna I am a big fan ^_^ thx for the news :) !!