Mission Fashion - Result

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Hello our readers 
In Mission Fashion - Task 3
The task was create an outfit & make up look like man but in girly way
Now ... let's know who is the best and worst 
Best design & make up
 This time we have 2 partners did the competition in the right way
  First one Which got 22 votes for designer & 11 votes for models

 Second one Which got 16 votes for designer & 23 votes for models 
Congratulation to both of you :)
But .. i wonder why no one added mustache !! 
It was the BIG surprise to me when i saw that there is 112 votes for the designers and 88 for the models !
this is what i called it FAIR competition :) 
The result for designers

The result for models
The 3 designers will be out :
you got 3 votes
you got 4 votes

you got 10 votes
The 3 models will be out :

you got 3 votes

 you got 5 votes
you got 6 votes
  Well i have no comments about this ! hard luck :S 
and congratulation for the finalist ! next time it will be the last competition so .. be ready 6.Aug  
See you :)
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  1. I loved this week's comp
    Definitely the best!

  2. Congratulation for the winner ;)
    i'm so excited to see the final comp.

    Good luck all

  3. yaaay im in thx ghandoora
    good luck all

  4. yes! yes! yes!!!yeaaahhhh!!!!! i'm still in it to win it!!! wooohooo!!! thnx ghandoora!! ur like the best!!!!

  5. OMG for 1 vote i would be the first Model but any way WOOOOOOW im in the final yeyyy !!!

    Congratss alll WOOOOOW

  6. I knew this day would eventually come.....

    Just not this soon.

  7. Congratulations for the winner!
    All of the outfits were great!

  8. yeahh cant wait for the next task =) you can see my make up at the first picture =))

  9. wow nice comp! how can i be in the nexzt one when the final is over?

  10. Wait, i thought 1 model didnt do the task!

  11. Congrats to the winners. Excellent job by ALL...

  12. my model didn't do the task so shouldn't only 2 models be eliminated???

  13. I'm so proud of my model and I!!We won first place in the competition!!!:DDD

  14. 3 models are out with the one who didn't do task!!

  15. oh ok, but that means there r now 5 models and six designers, how will we get paired up now??

  16. @fatams-pop good point!

    I'm not trying to get back it, I'm just making a point!

  17. Omg thank you so much, all the 23 people who voted me!