Mission Fashion - ( Final ) Vote

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello our readers ..
"Mission fashion" the first competition in partners is about to finish .. i'm so sad .. i really like when i add the task , see the entries , do the polls :( but everything in life should end !
Before i end i want to say special thank for DEMI_LOVANTO_2 she helped me ( at the beginning of the competition ) 100 girls applied to the competition , 30 only get chosen and now we have 6 talented designers with 6 professional models   

And now let's see their entries for 2 tasks

Click play for the music here :) 


First Task : Fancy Dress


Second Task : Wedding Dress

Vote for the best designer 

Vote for the best model

Last day to vote : 17.Aug
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  1. i like number 6 it is very nice!

  2. i'm sad it's the end T_T all have done a very good job :)
    a question the poll for which task is? the wedding or the fancy party? thanks good luck!

  3. @ Mileyfanloves : both of them ! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. hey ghandoora!
    i founded a fail into the voting! ex: nr. on the first % second task is not the self doll. sry for my bad english ;)

  6. but are different numbers in the fancy party i'm the 1 and in the wedding dress the number 4 =S how i can vote? thanks^^

  7. Awesome outfits!!! But it was a little confusing chosing the model because there were different models for the same number!! :/
    ANyway, I decided for Nr. 3 as I liked both models, Nr.3 for Fancy Dress as well as Nr. 3 for Wedding dress. If that was the same person... then i am happy :D

  8. well done to all the girls who got so far :) and well doe to Ghandoora and demi lovanto for organizing such a great competition :) x

  9. Wow. I told luezone290 to participate :P She is a good designer anyway.