*Lies and cheating kill love*

Monday, August 08, 2011

                                                          Love Rules
                                                         By Fairydew

Rule No 9#: Lies and cheating kill love.

It's only 5 words, because it doesn't need to be more. I must say, this is not a happy week for my friends. Firstly, David breaks up with Bler and Bler is still kinda sad, but she's trying to get over him. And now Mandy and Paul.
I knew from the very first day that Paul was not the right one for Mandy, but I didn't tell her because she seemed so happy and I didn't want to faze her with my words. It is just that Paul is not the kind of boy for a relationship or to say "I love you" and mean it.  He actually changes girls like a girl changes clothes. But as they were together for 2 months, I thought that he might actually love Mandy.

But nope, they broke up yesterday because Mandy found out that Paul was lying to her. He told her he would go on a football game with his friends, but he actually went on a secrets date with another girl. Mandy and Paul used to go to the park for their dates but yesterday I, Mandy, Bler and Jessie went to the park for a walk and guess who were there? Paul and his date kissing. Mandy got so mad that Paul lied to her and cheated her that they broke up even if Paul was like: 'Let me explain you!' Mandy told him: 'Explain me what? Will you tell me it is not what I think? Do you think I am BLIND?'

We got in Jessie's home and Mandy was so sad. As you can see and I bet you already know, lies and cheating kill love and relationships. Stupid boys always hurt us.
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  1. The only thing I can't stand in a relationship are lies! But if he dares to cheat me I'll totally say goodbye and I won't go back to him!

  2. have to agree with the comment above. I can't stand lies in general, let alone in a relationship.Excellent post though xx