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Monday, August 22, 2011

Today I will show you what to use for doing some "croquis" such glamorous in french!
Well, first you have to know that there's two categories of illustrators (sketches creators) which are:

1-The professionals: it means the mode lists and stylists, or even just illustrators that works and get money for that.
-What they use for their sketches: They use logicians(computer programs),it means all their work is on the computer which they generally relate to a digital tablet, they draw in, for the colors they also put all the shadow on the computer. I couldn't bring you some logicians nouns because as i have found they are all very expensive, and the designers never reveal them because it is the work secret ;).

2-The amateurs (Like us or even some professionals): I think you're more interested by those, well we are the ones who draw just for passion of fashion (it rhymes lol).

What they use for their sketches? Well, as I showed you there's different part on the drawing, I will start one by one. To draw the silhouette: most of drawers use pencil HB, or 2B because those are easy to erase and that's important to take off the bases of the draw.

-To erase the bases and to correct your mistakes : A white rubber is perfect, I suggest you the one below , I personally use this exact model and it is perfect.

-To start fill your sketch with colors: Permanent markers (1) are excellent, you can also use pencil colors (2) or gel pens (3) I love the glitters on them,or even using "gouache" (4) this is the name I know i don't know if it same in English anyway you can see it on the picture it is good it will depend on the nature of the material you are drawing.




This one is more technical and complicated to pass on the scan when you want to upload it.

-For the contours and the final shapes of the model or the draw: A ball pen would be perfect, but it can change from this pen to a very thin permanent marker, personally i use this one:
Here it is, I hope you liked the post , and I also wish you will buy some of those with your school furniture since it is coming soon.
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  1. I love this post :)
    Lol, we use the same pen :P

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post.
    Personally I love all the products by Maped and Lyra - amazing quality.

  3. Yeah so i do!! they are the best, will u shop some?

  4. Oh yeah, I need a new rubber, my old is really "eww" at the moment=)
    I also need few pencils for the new school year=)

  5. @redhead10793: you can skecthe it is something wich can be a little bit easier just by following draw steps, well u can check my previous post where i talked about how to draw sketches with lots of details :)

  6. I have most of these [: They are great!