How to sketch?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Well last time some girls asked me about how to sketches after they saw many amazing illustrations i presented, so as i promised here it is!! Thank you to the incredible illustrator Alfredo Cabrera for his advices.
We'll take example of this model in the catwalk:

1st step: Consider the silhouette and what pose will show it best, it will depend on the clothes that your model will wear, then start drawing the basic lines, like it shows here:

2nd step: You are not technically drawing yet, so here you will have to start creating the volumes on the model, like we see in the picture:

3rd step: Start by dressing the model, as simply as possible, because the details will be done later, as you can see here:

4th step: Here we start putting the colors, and this is what will create the shapes, fill in the blanks like you are making large lines with the marker, or pencil, don't mind by filling all the blanks, you can leave some it will add volume.

5th step: Here you will create the shadows, to make it as close as possible to the near version, punch up textures and add prints, all this with simple pens, believe it or not, this is what makes the difference in artist's draws, some of them like using soft pens and the others like a more graphic design, like it shows under here:

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  1. Wooow! Your sketches are awesome!
    I tried and I failed from the second step xD

  2. Thats great!!! I kinda got stuck before I even looked at it o_O lol

  3. they are not mine lol, it is alfredo cabrera's sketches, please send me your work even you failed, i would be glad to help!!

  4. I hate drawing because i don't have talent at all :(..Anyway our teacher of arts is so hard and i must work hard to get highest mark ...

  5. Since you said to send them to you here is mine:

    But, I warm you, this may be the ugliest thing you've ever seen xD

  6. You know what? your sketche is well based, for the face some designer just don't fill it they make the shape of a face and let it empty, you can do same, the body is great but you have to leave a space btw the legs, and pump a little the top of the model, and also make some shapes on the middle of the body, here it is ;) hope i helped

  7. Awwww, thank you @MiMi..1994 :)
    And about face I totally agree with you, better leave it empty next time xD

  8. no problem eris, if you need help with anything around this next time, you know where to find me ;)

  9. WOW thats all i can say... its amazing

  10. oh i really love it, i thought it was made using computer, nice job! I'll try soon!