Goth Make up turtorial!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey Ladies!!!
For this tutorial I was inspired by a competition I was in.
Sadly I didn’t came a very long way in the comp!
Even I didn’t won or even got thru I still liked the theme so I made a tutorial about it !
I know some of you won’t like it but it is just a matter of taste and let’s say …you have to try everything once I mean not everything but the things that are allowed safe and cool lol!

So wish you luck with trying out and if it is totally not your styles still try out lol love to see the results!!! The best one will get 2 gifts from me 

Not to start a comp but just reward the work …..
Much love and blessings !

If you have any celebs on your mind that you want to have displayed I always get of track with the celebs request’s

Think i still need a make-up Artist Banner her!!! ......You feel called ... ????

xxxx Nadine

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  1. What a stunning goth look!
    Actually, nerdy goth look with the glasses :D

  2. i like this tutorial well done ;)

  3. I am going to post it ..but later:)

  4. Oh and I'm making a banner for you right now :D I'll post it later :)

  5. Here's the banner that I made for you:

    Hope you like it :)

  6. Jessie J? Also, please follow my blog?