French Manicure

Thursday, August 18, 2011

French Manicure(:
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Hello my readers! This week, I actually did two looks, but..well, they're both the classic french manicure! The only difference is that one has a small simple design on it, here's some pictures :)

(Click to enlarge)

What you will need for this look:

White acrylic paint (NOT NAIL-POLISH)
Clear Nail-polish (Top coat)

Peach/Nail Color/Very Translucent white Nail Polish (Nail Color)
(Translucent is nail polish that isn't very noticeable, it is kind of see through)

And that's it :)

Step 1:
Apply a clear coat to avoid ridges in your nails

Step 2:
Put on the base nail-polish (peach/nail color/ translucent white)

Step 3:
If you would like you can put on another coat of your base nail-polish, Honestly, it depends on what your color is, so this step is for some, but not all.

Step 4:
After your nails are dry, add the white paint to add your tips. Take your time!
The good thing is, paint comes off, so if you mess up, thats ok

Step 5:
Add a design (optional) using a paint brush helps

Step 6:
Add a clear coat

Step 7:
Admire your nails(:

Good luck, and send me pics of your work in the comments! :)

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  1. I love french manicure, it's simple and beautiful :)

  2. i love doing my nails like this,i have a set....but it takes hours to do, so i think i will give this a try ! ^^

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  4. I like it , but i hate coloring my nails :(

  5. and..If that hand is urs then let me tell u that ur hand is totally like mine :D

  6. The other day ago I got a french manicure done :) I had gotten my toes done in this style before, and fell in love with the nail style :) I think I will keep on getting them in that way for a while :)