Anna Bours!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anna bours, this women is the exclusive maker of the extraordinary concept: dollhouse!!

The originality of her work is mostly due to the prints she add to her illustrations, I think that those pictures are totally unusual. Judge by your self, here are some of them.

 Isn't she inspiring? tell me what you think about it in comments :)

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  1. She's absolutely amazing!!

    Can anyone explain me how to make this sort of sketches?

  2. yeah I'd like to know too how to make these sketches

  3. if it is what you want to know girls, i will be posting abou it next monday so be sure to check it :)

  4. Oh Oh oh CAN'T WAIT!
    MAaking sketches is something mysterious :O

  5. Wow, sketches are amazing!
    I wonder if I'm talented as her...