F.A.Q.: How to make a good presentation without HTML

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hey Ghandooras readers!

Thanks for the lovely comments :)

The question was:

How to make a 
good presentation without HTML.

So, here is my answer:

1.) You need to have
2 windows open (of course on your

2.) In the first window you go to
and under your suite
you click 'edit presentation'.

3.) Now to the second window.
There you go to

4.) Choose a text you want.

5.) Mark it and move it to the 
window, where stardoll is opened.

5.) NOTE: Move it to the
field, where you usually
write your presentations.

6.) Finally you can edit it how you want.

Any questions? :)

Wich question do you want me
to answer next?

Ask me your question under this post!

PS: Now I am in trouble, because of a private problem.
Next week everything will be okay, and sorry
that I didn't post yesterday.
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  1. Helpful:)
    I hate asking people and i always want to find everything from myself...I didn't ask anyone and I hardly understood how to make a good presenation ....Lol...I remember myself standing with hours only for a presenation on Stardoll ...And finally i found out how to make it and i was soo happy :D

  2. I dont know how !! help me please ?

  3. I've been wanting to improve my presentation for a very long time. So I was quite happy to see this post.

    However, I cannot get the link you gave for witty-whatever to load. Tried 3 times.

    I'll try again, as I really need to do this!!