interview with Cécile Mancion

Monday, August 08, 2011

As I promised you I came back with something that's just incredible! It was such a honor for me to interview the best designer ever Cécile Mancion who was the subject of my last post, where I presented her, if you missed it no worries, just click here.It'll help you to understand this better. No more suspense! here it is:

Me: Good morning Cécile, I accidentally found some of sketches, and I was really impressed about all what i have seen, and as you may know many girls now are interested and attracted by fashion illustration and drawing, so I wanted to know what type of curses did you follow to become a stylist?

Cécile Mancion: Well, I did a very classic hitch, I had a L baccalaureate with plastic art option, then I received my BTS in stylism after 3years of hard work, I want to notify that it was in a private Parisian school which was a little expensive.

Me: Personally, I saw many of your creations, and the first question that crossed my mind was, was she drawing like that when she was young?

C.M: So, no I haven't always drawn like that, I reassure you, when I fall on drawing that I did when i was a teenager, I notice that there is a really big improvement! But it is certain that I always loved drawing, and I was also considered as "rather good at my age".

Me: As an excellent illustrator what's your advice for young people that would like to ameliorate their selves?

C.M: Well, I think that observing what's around you is very important, and starting with observation drawing is the best thing they can do, then after improvement they can start drawing by their own without any model, I still sometimes need models for my creations though.

Me: Cécile, what's your final council for the young amateur that would like to follow your steps in the world of illustration and sketching?

C.M: In real, I would advice them first, by starting studies in a field that they like, then taking at the same time drawing and stylism lessons, because in the world of fashion the competition is tough.

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  1. She is so beautiful and talented :)
    What could be better?

  2. Wow, what a great interview!
    I love those pictures, they're all amazing!

  3. l'm wondering how did you get the inspiration to interviewing her??