* Don't get sad. At least, not for long*

Thursday, August 04, 2011

                                                            Love Rules
                                                           By Fairydew

Rule No 8#: Don't get sad. At least, not for long

I guess you remember my friend Bler, that has a boyfriend, David and they're acting like Bler and Chuck from Gossip Girl. They broke up a few days ago because David said that couldn't deal with Bler's jealousy anymore. But the truth is that David found another girl and that's why he dumped at Bler.

Bler got so sad about it. David got bored of her because she was too jealous and that's why he found another girl. Well, David is a little right, but if he truly loved Bler, he wouldn't break up with her.
So Bler is now a mess, she doesn't want to get out of the house or hang with me and Jessie. When I call her, she always says: ''No, Rubin, I don't wanna get out of here, I want David back!" and she's crying.

But I couldn't kept seeing this and not doing anything so I went to her home and yelled at her: "YOU get out and have some fun RIGHT NOW! You deserve someone better than him because he didn't really love you! Otherwise, he would understand your jealousy. You don't have ANY reason to stay home crying and being sad! From now and then, you'll be smiling! I don't wanna see you sad! You'll find someone better than him."

My words made her understand I was right. She should just stop being sad about him and go on. And I suggest the same. Put your biggest smile and don't give a crap if someone hurt you. You don't deserve to be hurt.
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