The Classique Chic

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

  Hello my sweet Ghandoorians!
I'm so happy to be here and be part of this great family, named Ghandoora.
I'm sure that you have already understood that I'm the new writer here to post outfits to inspire You.
Who am I?
I'm a Stardoll lover from Spain, Madrid. My name is Ana Chiciqira or just Ana. I'm in love with fashion, drawing and so everything about fashion.
Want to know some more? - My guestbook is open for all your questions, can't wait to get them :O

   Well, I said that I'm here to write about and create outfits to inspire you or just for fun.

So here's my first ever look in this blog named: The Classique Chic 
In that outfit I used my favourite style - Classic, chic ad vintage. I mixed a floral pattern  with brown, black and gold, so I got  a wonderful eye-catcher using pieces  from different shops including the Tribute stores.

 The Classique chic

 In this outfit I used:
  Floweral Brocade Skirt by Bonjour Bizou (9 sd)
  Mauve Silk Blouse by Givency Tribute (15 sd)

  Louis XIV Bow Heels by Lanvin Tribute (18 sd)
  Inspired By Chanel Handbag by Decades ( 6 sd)
   CC Belt by Decades (10 sc)
   Bangles by RIO (30 SC)

What do you think of it? I'm really waiting for your feedback and great ideas. Yeah, great ideas: I'm waiting  for your suggestions for future outfits so feel free to comment and share your ideas!

Your Ana 
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  1. Welcome dear :)
    And great outfit between :)

  2. really love this outfit!!! totally my style! don't take me wrong i really like it but i would probably change the make-up... i would use less in the eyes...

  3. Congratulations! I hope I join to be a writer too!:D

  4. Welcome to this blog:)And amazing outfit!