The best sketches designer ever!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hello sweet readers, I am a new writer here, i come from Algeria, and my name is MiMi, I'm 15 years young, and I'm fascinated by fashion sketches! so that is what i will post about here.At stardoll I am MiMi..1994.

Today i want to present you, as the title is saying, the most talented sketches maker I have ever seen, it's a french woman named by Cécile Mancion, I was once surfing on the net looking for some original stuff and i found her blog, where you can see all her work.

So it's a 28years old stylist and illustrator, she lives near paris, this talented person studied at the fashion "atelier" of Chardon-Savard,where she got her diploms and had the opportunity to work for many well known brands of pret à porter.No more suspens! here are some of her sketches and illustrations:
© Cécile Mancion
You can see all the draws and illustrations on:
I'll be comming on next monday with a surprise for you! so keep well attached to your chair!

PS: Please do not use the photos without copyright because all those illustations have author's right.

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  1. hi! did you like the post? let me know everything about it!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful graphic!
    She's so talented!

    Like your post by the way =]

    Like your post by the way =]