The Chic MSW

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hey my sweet Ghandoorians!
Miss Stardoll World has begun:D
Oh it is so crazy, we all want to win! And that's why I have created a MSW inspired look-  It is really elegant and glamorous which will probably win your hearts.
My outfit is called The Chic MSW(Yeah I gave it a new...again)

The Chic MSW

In this outfit I used:

Le Ritx Wide Hat from Pretty In Love ( 40 sc)
Black Lily Mesh Top from RIO (10sd)
Sheer Maxi Skirt from Mortal Kiss (14sd)
Voile Gloves from Voile (20sc)
Amber Quilted Clutch from Decades (13sd)
Chainlink Stilettos from Perfect Day(80sc)
Add  a strong make up, dark red lips for sure

Now it's your time to  shine: What do you think of the outfit? Don't say just"Cute" or "Awful" I want your babble:D
Which sort of clothing type is victorious in this sort of big competitions: Casual, Haute Couture...?
There's a prize for you  for commenting: Every commentator will be voted MSW and Covergirl, so WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
(The commentators of my previous post have already gain my votes. I voted them for MSW and Covergirl)
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