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Sunday, July 03, 2011

OMG !!
Today i went to the Top Broadcasters and i saw that
the top 3 broadcast more than 1000 massages !!

The one massage cost 5 SD
2110 × 5 = 10550 SD


wow if that much she spent it at broadcast !
 How much she have in her account ?
How much she paied on Stardoll ?
if we are 113,460,375 members on Stardoll , how much Stardoll earn from us ?!
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  1. OMg :o

    Stardoll might earn over 1.000.000
    per week

  2. geez, stop worrying about others, I know it is crazy, but it's their business

  3. Exept our time we also spent too much on Stardoll...That's very weird because we keep loosing money and time for a virtual game but still we love it

  4. loveholic94 has been broadcasting for cg from the past 2 days...

  5. I only spend my SDs for buying designs, make-up etc.
    I never do broadcasting, I'd better do other things like making Sceneries and editing Album. Our friends will be happy because we put their dolls in our Scenery/Album. Plus, they'll vote our work :)

  6. I won't ask for votes except if my doll looks good enough to be CG!
    And her outfit in the picture... Ugh.
    Why not wearing a ballgown?

  7. That's way over my budget.
    i usually get 300 - 200sd a MONTH
    The money in her pocket is
    what a way to call desperate
    I'm guessing she like really wants cover-girl

    I can't sit on the computer for a whole day. This chick is like invincible...

    Lol I wonder what her parents think of blowing 10550 SD on broadcasts.

  8. Haha if her parents know about this (Spending tons of SDs only for being popular in a virtual world) they may stop giving money to her. They afraid the money will be used for getting SDs LOL :D

  9. I wish I had all these stardollars! i can't believe she spent them all at broadcasts!

    I am looking for stardollars too, to run too the day before my bday, but I would never spend so many stardollars on this!

  10. She's keeps comming second every day
    omg LOL
    this chick doesn't give up
    doesn't she

  11. when i spend only a few dollars i feel as though i spent a lot but that mUCH!