TinyPic & Entering!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hey Guys(: For my 'weekly competition' you have to be able to use tinypic, so for those who don't know what to do here are the steps:

1. Create your outfit on stardoll with the specific item I have chosen

2. Press print screen (PrtSc) on your keyboard, it looks like this:

3. Open up 'Paint' on your computer then paste onto it.

4. Crop the picture down so it looks something like this:

5. Save your picture then go on the internet and go to the website: http://www.tinypic.com/

6. A page like this should come up:

7. Press 'Browse...' and choose your picture then press 'UPLOAD NOW!'

8. Type in the words (for security) then press' Upload'

9. A page like this will come up:

10. You need to copy the link that I have put a box around.

11. Comment on my post as your entry to the competition like this:

Stardoll Name: ___________

Tinypic Link: ____________  <----- This is where you would paste the linke that you copied from before!!!!!

I hoped this helped.

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  1. hey i don't know why but my pic...well my paint can't do that..?????? can't crop the pic like that...will you accept it if its not like that ?

  2. @Kapricozjadr...

    yes, i will. dont worry about it(;


    thank youu x

  3. As miss adelajda said, very useful, but I knew that before.

  4. It is a little hard to understand for people who hadn't know anything about this before;p