Talk.Play. Flirt.Don't get sad!

Monday, July 18, 2011

                                                                Love Rules
                                                               By Fairydew

Rule No 4#: Talk.Play. Flirt.Don't get sad!

'Seriously Rubin, I don't get you.', Jessie told me. 'Why didn't you talk to someone on the party, so you would probably like someone else instead of Josh?', she asked.
'Jessie, I couldn't! You know how shy I am and how much I like Josh!', I answered to her, trying to defend myself, although I knew she was right. 

'But can't you once try to play? It's not too serious, get over Josh, there are other cute guys out there!' She was right, why I was so hooked up on Josh?
'But can't you see his girlfriend doesn't really like him? She talks to other boys too and she looks at them as if she likes them!That's so unfair for Josh, Jessie!, I couldn't keep it inside me anymore. It was the truth.
'Look, Rubin, I know what you're talking about but you can't do anything about that. You can flirt with other guys and find your match. Just do it, it's worthless being sad or mad about a boy that won't like you. Don't get upset, there are other boys out there.

That was a good advice. Too bad I never listen to her. Yes, there are other boys. But not other Joshes. And I want Josh. God, I have to get over him!
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