Talented Doll of The Week: Talented Suite Designer

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hello all Ghandoora readers :)
It's already Friday, and if it's Friday, today's post is about Talented Doll of The Week!
This week's talented doll is... jordyn1225. She's 13 and her talent is suite designing.
If you visit her Suite, you'll be greeted by a blank room. But if you check out her other rooms, you'll see how talented she is.
Here are the pictures of her amazing Suite.
I love the Other World things!
I also like this. I really like how she created the backyard.
Wow, this one is so creative. Instead of putting her shoes and accessories in the closet, she created her own closet.
This one is my favorite. The horses and the other things... Very cool.
Wow, secret room! This one is amazing. I love the angel, the mirror and the candles.
You just saw another talented doll on Stardoll. Designing Suite is easy, but without creativity, people will not interested to visit your Suite. You should design a unique, creative Suite.
To visit jordyn1225's amazing Suite and give her 5/5 for her hard work, click HERE
Want to be featured like this? Sign up HERE for a chance to be featured!

~Scarlet_GG/Deana xx
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  1. i luvd the suits...but mostly the one with the shoes :)

  2. Oh my gosh! Thank you SOSOSOSO much! ♥♥
    Thank you everyone ♥ c:

  3. I know her from TRR ( The Real Royalty)! She really deserves this because her suite is so amazing!

  4. Love it, but also, there are better suites than that, no offence.

  5. That's so pretty :)and scary lol