Talented Doll of The Week: Talented Scenery Maker

Friday, July 01, 2011

Hello Ghandoora readers :)
Sorry for the late post, I was at my aunt's house, there was an Internet connection but I didn't bring my laptop of course!
Back to topic, today I'll post about... Talented Doll of The Week!
First of all, thanks for signing up into TDTW.
I've seen all your work, but this week I'm gonna show you one person.
Her name is... Xhuliana on Stardoll. She's a 15 years old girl. Her talent is in making sceneries.
If you visit her Suite, you'll greeted by this:

Amazing dresses by the way.
Now, let's check out her Sceneries. I thought she's very good at doing poses. These are her old sceneries, because the newer sceneries are for getting more Starpoints. But they're still amazing!
What a beautiful scenery! From the title, I know she made it for her best friend. So sweet ^_^
Another scenery:
OMG - What a scenery! I love how she created the dress from flowers. And the shiny body... Also the poses. Perfect!
And the last one... Yes, I only took 3 pictures which are my favorite sceneries.
This one is great, too. I really like how she created the photo!
And when she signed up into TDTW (Talented Doll of The Week), she wrote this in "Why you want to be featured":
"I really work hard in my scenaries and on album. I don't really have much money to send a lot of broadcast and I really dream to be a album or scenary winner .. I see a lot of peoples winning album or scenary comps and i don't really like their scenarys!!!! but hope with this post i can be popular and be a album or scenary winner .. hope!! (but don't see my scenary like sp,starpoints, shsanf etc) cuz i do them just to get STARPOINTS ...thank you." 
Nice phrases, though.
So, you've seen a real talented scenery maker. She deserves to win Scenery Contest, but as you see, she said she doesn't has much money to broadcast her sceneries, so she gets less votes.
But I hope by posting this, Xhuliana can has more chances to be Scenery Winner.
Good luck, girl!
To visit Xhuliana's suite and check out her amazing sceneries and album, click HERE
And sign up into TDTW HERE for a chance to be featured like her!
Oh, and before I end the post,

I don't need to download Gimp now. I have Polyvore.com.
Hope you like my first post about TDTW.
See you soon at Tuesday with a different topic,
about interesting sites!

~Scarlet_GG/Deana xx
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  1. omg congrazz dear you are amaizng i like all your scenarys!!!!!

  2. No offense, but that sounds concieted saying "I see a lot of peoples sceneries winning and I don't really like them." And she said "I hope I can become popular." Does anyone else think that sounds really concieted? Shes basiclly saying "My sceneries are better then everyone elses and I want you to feature me so I can be famous."

    And "nice phrases?" She said cuz and typed like "i want to win cuz my scenarys are awesome." Sceneries is how its spelled.

    Just my opinion.

  3. No my scenaries are good but have a lot of sceneries more amazing that mines.... i hope i can be popular to speak with diferents people (friends) i can meet amazing friends . I don't thing that my scenary are awesome I think they are good :)
    i see a lot of pople winnig jsut because they send a lot of broadcast thats the reasen why they win
    I can send broadcast but not really much. soo I think is not fair to win just because you send broadcast !! but who is talented

  4. She has nice sceneries, and I know how hard it is... but... I sort of agree with mskendall4198
    Congrats anyway! :)

  5. xhuliana have righte! is not fair towin just because oyu send broadcast is fair to win who is talented and who does hard work

  6. This isn't gonna be a writing competition.
    Next time, I'll not put the phrases.

  7. And if you want to be popular... It's OK, no problem, at least you aren't arrogant.
    Being popular is cool!

  8. I agree with everyone.LOL
    Someone send so many broadcasts so she /he win.
    But it's cool being popular.
    And congrats for admit.
    Many people do not admit that they want to be popular.
    But mskendall4198 has right.
    I don't know I am confused .
    Anyway,you are so talnted.

    Nice post :)

  9. nice sceneries.
    Totally agree with Frosso123.