Talented Doll of The Week: Talented Designer

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello Ghandoora readers :)
Today's post is about Talented Doll of The Week!
Last week, you saw a talented presentation maker. And this week, I'm gonna show you a talented designer and suite makeover!
Her Stardoll name is Marokinaa070. She's a 13 years old girl. Her talents are doing Suite makeover and creating dresses from Suite Shop items.
If you visit her Suite, you'll greeted by this:

She's a Non-SS member but I really like how she created the house and the sky.
Also the dress she worn. It made from Suite Shop items. How creative!
She also has talent at making presentations:
Amazing. I like the colors!
Really sorry those are the only pictures I can show. Her other suite has no items and she didn't show her other creations.
You just saw another talented doll in Stardoll. An undiscovered talent, or only a few people have discovered it.
To visit Marokinaa070's Suite and check out her work, click HERE
And if you want to be featured like this, sign up HERE

Have a nice day,
~Scarlet_GG/Deana xx
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