Super CopyCat !!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good morning our readers ..
I have just wake up ... don't know that there is super copycat waiting me .. 

Before 12 hours ago " radedllie " posted on my GB : " Hey Boss "
Then after 1 hour she posted " Why have you coppied my look ? "

What is happened is ...
She went to my suite wrote " Hey Boss " then she liked my outfit then she went to her suite to see if she has all of the items she need to make the outfit from them .. and YES she did find 6 from 9 ! GREAT
after working so hard from trying to get the same look and the same makeup she went to my suite and she posted : " Why have you coppied my look ? "

Just take a look
on the LEFT is : radellie on the RIGHT is : Ghandoora

I don't know if she joined a competition called  " Look like Ghandoora " !!!

and what's make me laugh more and more that i found this sweet comment in her GB

Doesn't she deserve to get REPORT ??
what a RUDE girl ! O_O

UPDATE : she changed her look ! hahahahahahah
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  1. Don't worry sweety! She got what she deserved, I just reported her!

  2. Those people need to get their own life! You should report her, or I will.

  3. hahaha what a liar!! I guess the girl who wrote in her gb that you copied her, was a fake account or her friend's! And if she wasn't guilty, whi did she change her look? hahaha! I will send her a very sweet report!

  4. oooohh jzzz what a sad little girl we all know you had the look before her so !! never mind about sutch sad little girls! will report her!! xxxxxxx

  5. You're so original and if people said you're copying someone, that's wrong.

  6. That's very idiotic. She leads a very sad life and should learn to get her own style xx

  7. omgg how jelous !!she copied ghader.

    i will send her one beautiful report

  8. wasn't that girl who commented being sarcastic?

  9. She's changed her outfit, but the face is exactly the same.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I'm seriously hurt right now.

    I must have mislead all of you. I think Ghandeer is so sweet and a great and original person.

    I was being sarcastic, and I know most of you don't believe me, but please do! I honestly must have worded it wrong, and now I'll probably get deleted.


    Don't believe me at all, it's fine. I just wish you would have asked if I was being sarcastic first.

    Goodbye, Stardoll.

  12. I'm such a stupid and horrible person. I deserve to be deleted.

  13. @iluvladygaga1

    Thank you! I really was, but I KNOW no one will believe me!

    Guys, just trust me here!

  14. ok lets get one thing clear yer
    1) i didn't copy u i was HACKED by misshannah6001s brother cus he thought it would be funny
    2) my mum is so angry with u cus this is unreal
    3) u lot are fake if u dont know the full story yeah cus i didnt do it so dont jump to conclusions and it wont happen again cus ive changed my password ok do i make myself clear cus my mum reported this u no cus its fake info !
    How could u be so hurtful im going through alot !

  15. i wont worry
    1) this is a lie ok Brandon Misshannah6001's brother hacked me
    2) my mum is angry with u cus stardoll is suppost to be fun and safe
    3) if u wanna talk to my mum trust me u can!
    4) i dont wanna cause any trouble cus i didnt do it
    5) Im very sorry but obvisly if i didnt do it then i dunno just im sorry that brandon hurt ur feelings plus ive changed my password so it wont happen again.

  16. Don't worry Ghandeer :] People like that just want to mess with you, or are insecure. She has been reported by many, and hopefully will get the message.

  17. did u not see what i put ur wasting ur time caring just get over it ive said sorry even though I DIDNT DO IT and i think you should leave it at that !

  18. omg whant ppl.........mabey she was a big fan of you and copied ahhah :D....than wanted to make the nicer one pfff anyway don't worry :)