Scuba For .. ??

Friday, July 01, 2011

Today while i'm visiting some suites on stardoll
 i saw that my friend Rosett_angel have scuba for 0 Starcoins !!!


and here is something which makes me CRAZY :


I feel that there is something goes wrong !! 
What do you think ?
It is glitch from Stardoll ??
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  1. OMG!! did that rlly happen? how? i mean its not magic right?

  2. OMG! That's... How lucky she is!
    She may browsed the Starbazaar and found the dress. She may thought "Wow the dress is expensive! But I don't care. I should buy it!"
    And she got it... For free. Amazing!

  3. It ruins the worth of the dress...
    The dress is expensive and many people want it!

  4. Yes, I've noticed that when girls have some of their LE, Antidote, DKNY, out for display... sometimes, actually often, the price tag on it will 2 stardollars/starcoins. I think it's something SD does so you can't tell what the original price, or the price paid, for the item. Usually on the older items.

  5. Ages ago you could sell stuff in Starbazaar for 0 stardollars :)

  6. Sometimes when peoples accounts are hacked and clothes are stolen, stardoll returns the clothes with the 0 price tag.

  7. Lucky! One of my friends was browsing through starbazaar and she found a scuba for 32sd!

  8. When people accounts get hacked
    start often returns there stuff with a zero dollar on it
    for example emorox4eva
    some of her rares are zero
    because of her getting hacked

  9. I agree with natasha-rox286.

  10. Weird...and lucky at the same time