Scary For Kids, A Site for You to Prank Your Friends!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hello Ghandoora readers :)
Today I'll post about interesting sites as usual.
Have you ever been pranked by someone? And, you want to prank your friends in Halloween, but you have no idea what to do.
If you need a site for prank someone with scary stuff, you can visit
I'm not sure if it's just for kids, but check it out, it's scary...
Here's the homepage of Scary For Kids:

(Click on the image to enlarge)
In the homepage, you can choose what kind of scary things you want to try.
If you want to prank your friends, I recommend you to choose "Scary Pop Ups" or "Scary Pranks".
But you can try them all, and get ready to scream because the games, the pranks, and the videos are very...
No, not really scary for me, but everyone is different. You may be scared, or you may just think,"Oh, not scary enough for me."
In the right side of the homepage, you'll see this:
There are many scary things you can try, not just 9. There are only 9 choices appear in the homepage with the pictures.
Do you feel brave enough to visit the site and try the scary pranks?
Here's the example of the scary optical illusions. I want to show the scary games, but the browser didn't let me to copy the game.
Not too scary?
Well, let me give you a scary pop up. Try it HERE. Turn off the light in your room and follow the game instructions.
Anyway, to visit Scary For Kids click HERE
Have fun and pray before you try the games! :D
Hope you'll not have a nightmare after you tried the site.

~Scarlet_GG/Deana xx
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  1. LOL. I'm just 11, but not scary -.-

  2. LOL :D
    Not all of them are very scary!

  3. so sweet :p i click on the link and i ..........

  4. um, no thanks.. I avoid stuff like that

  5. Lol...what a great post :) I love it

  6. damn it! u got me there i didn't bother to listen to the song (not gonna scare myself) but those pics just came so fast! O_o

  7. OMG!!! it scared the hell out of me!!! i was listening to the prayer thing and suddenly, all those scary pics came out so fast, i just refreshed my circulatory system!!!!

  8. Fun post, thanks! It's nice to see something different posted.

  9. Theres this other website which is cool I think its will this be the year and well all you do is you give someone the link and then they ask you questions like... umm how old they are right and then you answer correctly and they think its actully the machine.. .and well ya it's cool but it only works if you know the person.

  10. wow this post was really interesting!! I clicked the link as well... o.0

    Congratz for your post, it has to be at the most populars!