Monday, July 04, 2011

SO, all of the above is it, hmm? Okay, so since lip gloss/stick came in 1st (basically) I'll start off with that;

Lip Gloss/Stick
So..what do you exactly like better? Gloss or stick? For me, well I'd have to say I prefer lip gloss. Lip nice, as well, but honestly..It's expensive, and It stains much easier than lip gloss.

Lip gloss is amazing. It's so much cheaper, and also a lot nicer. It's shiny and it gives you nice, moist lips. Don't like it? Take it off easily, with lip stick well...stains, smears, etc.

So, what do you like better..why?


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  1. Lipstick is more classic... but lipgloss can give you that lovely shine that can make your smile the best thing in the world :D

  2. haha, I'm a lip gloss girl :P I love having shiny lips :P

  3. Most people (Especially teens) prefer lip gloss...
    It's simple but cool!
    Lipstick makes you look older.

  4. haha I agree with you all, thank you