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Sunday, July 24, 2011

So, different styles it is!

Braids! Many styles.

French Braid

Follow These Seven Easy Steps

How To: French Braid Hair Step 1

1Brush hair
Before braiding, brush hair to smooth out any knots or tangles.
How To: French Braid Hair Step 2

2Gather hair at top of head; divide into three sections
Starting at the hairline, gather enough hair from top of head to start a regular braid. Divide hair into three equal sections. Hold right section in right hand, left section in left hand, and middle section between thumb and another finger of either hand.
How To: French Braid Hair Step 3

3Cross the sections
To begin braid, cross right section over middle section, then repeat this move with left section, smoothing hair down as you go. Pull sections fairly tight; you don’t want the braid to be loose and come undone.
How To: French Braid Hair Step 4

4Add hair to the section
Before repeating your cross-over motion with the right section, gather a little bit of additional hair from the head’s right side, and add it to this section; now cross this larger portion of hair over the middle section of the braid.

 Tip: Make sure that the sections of hair you’re adding are roughly equal or the braid will look lopsided.
How To: French Braid Hair Step 5

5Add hair to the section on the other side
Gather a small section (of equal size to the one you just gathered) of the remaining hair on the left side of your head up and into the left section and cross that over the middle section.

 Tip: Slightly dirty hair has less “slip,” making it easier to braid.
How To: French Braid Hair Step 6

6Repeat adding hair and crossing sections
Repeat steps 4 and 5, adding hair until you’ve gathered in all additional hair strands. Finish at the bottom with a regular braid.
How To: French Braid Hair Step 7
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7Secure the braid at the end with a band
Once you reach the bottom of the braid, secure the end with a hair band, wrapping it tightly around the hair.

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  1. a classic!

    sometimes i can do it but sometimes not, depends on my luck ¬¬


  2. sometimes my mom does my hair like that :)...cause i cant do it