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Friday, July 29, 2011

I am here with the entries of the music scenery comp! Sad to say that there are only 3 entries.. I am sorry for people who entered but the price will go to 15 sds (if a superstar wins) and 150 sc (if a non-superstar wins) because of the too less entries! So let's see what we have:

(click on them to enlarge)

So which is your favorite scenery? I love all the 3 sceneries, don't know which I am going to vote! So now it's time for our Music news! I am sorry for that but next friday I won't be able to post Music News, I am going on holidays till then, so the results of the comp will be on Gossip News of Monday 8/8 :/ So hope the music news are good enough to keep you interested for 2 weeks now :)

Maybe: A New Amy Winehouse's Album

Twelve songs had  managed to record Amy Winehouse before her unexpected death. According to individual of her professional circle, Amy was working her new album the last three years, but she never obviated to complete it... The circulation of the album will be depended from the decision that will take her parents, and her manager. Last summertime Amt Winehouse had declared that her ( third at line) album would finally circulate in January 2011, but after continuous delays it never came out in the stores.
I hope this CD will come out!

Lady Gaga's New Single: Live!

In the emission Jimmy Kimmel Live of ABC was found on Thursday 28 of July, Lady Gaga presented her new single, You and I .The appearance of singer was enough frugal considering her latest ones, while it is somehow like this expected to be the video clip, as according to herself, she will be shown to search her love in the Nebraska dressed with classic New York's style. The You and I is the fourth official single from album "Born This Way".
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  1. Nice sceneries. I voted the first one :)

    And about mother monster: I just love her ♥

  2. i liked the scenerys....and...oh.....thats an ugly photo of gaga over therwe :/