Music News : Beyonce & Greyson Chance

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hello readers! It's Demi_Lovanto_2 here with music news :) I wanna apologise for not writing yesterday, I just couldn't for personal reasons!! I am sorry! Hope you will forgive me after reading those news that I think are really interesting :)

Beyonce behind the scenes!

New material with Beyonce that is titled "Year of 4" circulated in the internet. The program was uploaded in the site "Run The World (Gilrs)" and it shows her in various phases at the duration of one year, or to work for her new album, or in her travels but also in her personal moments, with friends and family.
 See below the entire video:

The new Justin Bieber?

He is young, he sings, he composes, he plays and for many people is the next talent that elected the YouTube. The Greyson Chance, is 13, he has already been presented at the Ellen DeGeneres, has received a call from Lady Gaga, he has signed his first recording contract and has already circulated 2 singles. In his new video clip "Unfriend You" he tries and he touches the "tendency of season" after as he says  "the song speaks for a separation but is also reported in social media that is so much considerably these days".

So what do you think? 
Like the idea of "Year of 4" and do u like Greyson's voice?
Waiting your opinion!
Kisses, and sorry again!

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