Mission Fashion - Vote ( Task 3 )

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hello our readers ..
sorry for being late to post the slideshow ..
here is the mission fashion - slideshow for the task 3 
the task was about creating an outfit look like men in girly way
i'm so happy because all designers work !!

( Note : stop the music in the I-POD then click play for the song here )

If the slideshow didn't work with you , here is

vote for the best designer 

Vote for the best model 

 Last day to vote : 2.Aug 

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  1. Stunning! That's called a style. ♥

  2. lol, its kinda weird to see my doll alone with no model and with no contestant next to her, well i wish the best of luck to all contestants!

  3. Everyone did a great job! My head in the outfit looks so big xD It is funny!

    I voted :) Not for myself, of course. :)

    Good luck everyone.♥

  4. Voted :) All the entries are amazing! And ofc not myself. THe fair thing is to vote the one who you like most, not yourself!

  5. I love this task, all you guys looked great but I loved more number 1 so I voted for them :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. omg....nice styles...normally i voted...:D.....they did all a great job :)