Mission Fashion - Vote ( Task 2 )

Friday, July 15, 2011

In bad mood i'm making this post ! i'm thinking of leaving stardoll 
I don't know why you take it derisively , there is 3 girls didn't do the task EVEN i remembered them in their Guestbook , that's makes me say i won't do any competition next time and spend my money on YOU !! 
i didn't do the slideshow ( Since you don't like anything i do )

Vote for the designers & desingers in comments !!

Last day to vote : 20/July
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  1. Oh I don't understand those who didn't do their tasks, it's an amazing competiton with amazing prize but probably "too hard" for them that's why they didn't do their task..

    I really hope you do not leave:S
    I really loved that slide show in the previous voting, something different and much more real...people are just too demanding, don't get it so seriously=)))

  2. I voted!
    The entries are amazing this time, the best till now :)

  3. Oh and ghadeer never mind of those quitters! They're the one who are loosing the chance to be in this amazing competition!

    Love ya!

  4. Don't leave Stardoll, maybe the people who didn't submit their entries, they might be on vacation (I remembered one of the contestants, Rhonacrowley left Stardoll and Blogger for a while because she's on vacation).
    Not everyone's going to be online often this Summer.


  5. Ghadeer don't even think about leaving stardoll! What will we be without you??

    And voted, not myself .. :) That's the fair thing I think!

  6. don´t leav just because of those ppl..i love this blog and the comps =)

    i voted =)

  7. hello?!! u didn't put my model's number!! its 9!! it wasnit on the poll!! btw ghandoora, u r awesome and u shouldn't leave bcuz of some girls who were maybe on vacation or sick or busy, think of the ppl who actually care about u in the blog, think of the bright side, u have more than 1300 followers! that means more than 1300 actually care and read the blog and enter comps, so think of it this way, wats greater, 1300 or 3? i think the answer is obvious :)

  8. i voted desinger number 3 is loved

  9. Don't leave stardoll TT_TT think in all the people who love u here :)

  10. I vote model & designer number 3

  11. Realy great work the girls that did do ther jobss!!! looks awesome!!!

  12. I really don't know and understand why some people didn't do the task. That's very irresponsibling.
    About your slideshows, I always enjoy in them. :9
    Don't be mad because of people that hate you. Be happy because of us, who like you and are very thankful for lots of comepetitions.

    About voting I think that my model did an awesome job! I vote for her! :)

    xx, mini_12_5

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