Mission Fashion - Result

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

 Hello our readers 
In Mission Fashion - Task 2 
The task was about get inspire from a picture then creating an outfit & make up

Now ... let's know who is the best and worst

Best design & make up
 Which got 1 vote for designer & 3 votes for models 

I think it really nice outfit and makeup the designer understand the task and the model too
Congratulation to Marokinaa070 & MissHilaryDR
Well it was the BEST disappointment for me when i saw that the best designer got 8 votes and the best model got 4 votes + that there is 3 girls didn't do the task .... 
I don't think it's really nice feeling when you know 3 of who will be out of the game
AND i'm sure if the competition is in OTHER blog you will do your task because you are ( it's better to don't write the word ) of the owner !!  
Next time i'm sure 100% that i won't do competition with these prizes !

The result for designers 

The result for models
The 3 designers will be out :
she didn't do the task

she didn't do the task 
the reason is no one voted for you

The 3 models will be out :

she didn't do the task
you got 2 votes

you got 2 votes


 This time the result wasn't fair !
Hard Luck

See you in the next task 23.July

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  1. yay!! i'm still in!! woohooo!!!!

  2. thank you soooo much Ghandoora and all who voted me :D

  3. Yaaaaaaay I am the best designer :) WOHOO:BANANA: HAHAHA & THANK YOU ALL FOR VOTING ME (L)

  4. Awwww...too bad, I'm out!
    But anyway it was a great competition and I'm happy I took part :)

  5. :/ I think I did one of the best entries & you should eliminate one of other girls that got 0 votes because I combinste colours and everything. My oufit was also one of the most fashionable oufits and I think it's not fair that I don't get votes just because it was different and ''high fashion''. No bad feelins but that's my opinion.
    Anyway it was nice to be in this comp.!

  6. @ : mini_12_5 : why you didn't tell your friends to vote for you ???

  7. wow thanks to all the 4 girls who voted me, I am from the best voted models?! wow thank you! So glad I am in! Thank you Ghandoora!

    And the next task goes on my bday?! wow! :D

  8. I thought that's not allowed XD
    Silly me :)