Mission Fashion - Result

Monday, July 04, 2011

Hello ladies and gentlemen
With the first competition we back to the 1900s with talented outfits
i would like to thanks everyone who join , vote .. etc
now let's know who is the best and worst

Best design & make up 
which got 9 votes ONLY for the designer and 7 for the model !!

Congratulation to both of you , well done :)

But .. first i want to say BIG sorry !!
 i do mistake in the poll for models i forgot to add model number 13
i'm so sorry .. i didn't mean it ! :S

The result for designers

The result for models

The 3 designers will be out :

she didn't do the task because she left the competition
your outfit didn't have the touch of talented designer ! you got 1 vote

Your outfit goes wildly and that's wrong you should made it more classic ! you got 2 votes

The 3 models will be out :

you didn't do the competition

you broke the rules ( you made the make up & the outfit without your designer ! )

The same point , you chose wrong hair and the makeup wasn't as talented as it should be !!

Hard Luck 
See in you in new competitions on Ghandoora The Boss :D

Are you ready for the next task ?!
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  1. wow I am in!! :D Congratulations to everyone! My partner didn't pass... :/

    Anyway.. My heart is beating very fast right now! thanks to everyone who voted number 8 at models!

  2. No problem ;)
    This competition sounds amazing, but I wasn't a SS so I didn't join...

  3. Yay!!! I'm in! My designer partner didn't passed too :/

  4. WOOOW !! im in !! even that im the last np... i passed... thnx to 2 girls that voted me :D

  5. Yes I passed!
    Thanks ppl for all your votes. : D
    I can't wait for next task! :)

  6. It's okay...I was having an exam anyway :S Still, thanks to the 1 person who voted :S

  7. Oh! I am in!!! Thank you so so much!! My partner passed too :D

    That was a breath of relief!
    Thanks to everyone if you voted model number 3 :D

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Okay, good luck to those who are still in the competition! I just have a question, why did myself and Ellara get out when we had 3 votes, and others only got two, and they're still in?

  10. yay!!! i'm still in!! thnx so much ghandoora!!

  11. Are these graphics?... I'm confused Lol they are so poorly made :'(

  12. @ juicy-much : i told you why in the post ( BTW : i have 50% of decision )

    @ Seasonalhotbuys/Pop_Star1234 said : sure it's NOT , i don't have time to make graphic for 30 participants !! it's only way to presenting the designers and models :D