Memories 16.July.2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yesterday 16.July.2011- 5:00 PM - GMT
It was the celebration of the first year for our blog ..
I didn't imagine that there would be over 45 girls join it , it was more than successful one 
I want to say BIG sorry because i do mistake in the invitation i wrote " 17.July " NOT 16 !
So there was like about 20 girls who didn't manage to come ..
I will leave you with this Memories of yesterday party

 ** P.S : Stop the music in the I-Pod and hear the song in the slideshow **

These are 15 girl who entered the competition
Who is the best dress ??

Thanks for everyone who came and who missed it ..
In these days you will find a sweet gift in your suite 
Ghandoora The Boss 

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  1. hahahahahahahah !!!!!
    allways will remeber! was so fun:))

  2. Yeah, me too :)
    and OMG I can't believe I'm in :)
    Thank you Ghadeer so so much ♥

  3. It was an unforgettable party, it was awesome and I still remember it!
    I'll come again next year :)

  4. It wan an amazing party!I'm in the best dresses!Thnx Ghadeer!

  5. OMG! i'm in the best dresses list! Thank you Ghadeer SOOOO much♥♥♥♥! :*** It was really the best party ever, amazing memories! =] :D
    Rahmeh/reedonna =]