*Love Rules*

Thursday, July 07, 2011

                                                     Love Rules
                                                    By Fairydew

Rule No 1#: Never fall in love with someone too old for you.

That's right. Wondering what I mean with too old? Let me give you an example. MY OWN example.

Let's say that I, Rubin, like a boy 4 years older than me. And I like him VERY VERY much. And it doesn't feel right, because he just finished school. You see, there are many reasons why he is a bad idea. Firstly, I don't even know him. I bet he knows me from outside but we haven't met each other. Secondly, he could NEVER like me. Thirdly, having a crush that you won't ever have a chance will soon make you a little or maybe quite sad. And I don't want that.

And you can't be with someone too old for the following reason: You're not in the same phase with that someone. He have just finished school, while you still have some years there. He has enough experience with such things like love, when you still haven't. He does, needs and wants different things than you.

So you'd better like someone younger. 

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  1. I loved the begginig, can't wait for the next chapters :)

  2. Actually,my dad is 20 years older than my mum,he could be her father.But they both fell in love with the each other and they are a happy couple.LOVE HASN'T GOT AGE,but your story was amazing ;D

  3. great beginning! actually my dad's older than my mom in 7 years, they're actually relatives :) i wanna kno wat happens next....

  4. wonderful beggining, waiting the 2nd part of it!

  5. My mum and dad are both same age, but my mum is 5days older.. :P And nice banner!