*Jealousy is not a good thing in love*

Friday, July 29, 2011

                                                      Love Rules
                                                     By Fairydew

Rule No 7#: Jealousy is not a good thing in love.

I have that friend who is called Bler, you know. Doesn't that name remind you of Gossip Girl? You know, that girl, Bler, who's acting like a b!tch sometimes? Well, my friend Bler is EXACTLY like her! She has a boyfriend and they're exactly like Bler and Chack from Gossip Girl. They always like to 'play games' and whenever her boyfriend talks to another girl, Bler gets mad. And no, her boyfriend is not cheating on her, he's a very good friend of mine, but Bler's driving him crazy. 

You know what happened yesterday? Her boyfriend, who's name is David, was talking to a girl a lot and then he hugged her. Bler got so mad that she walked till there and started making a scene without knowing that this girl was David's sister.

What I'm trying to say with this is that you need to have trust in a relationship and to not get jealous from such little things. Well, of course you should keep your eyes opened, because boys are...boys but you shouldn't act like my friend Bler.
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  1. Oh I love Blair and Chuck!
    Chuck is so hoooot ♥

  2. Between I totally agree with your advice :)
    Boys are Boys!

  3. yah thats right..you took an example but i don't really think she didn't knew his sister....:/...
    anyway....and i don't think bler act like a b!ch at the movie like u sad anyway...oh and i like a lot chuck i have his pic on my profile pic on facebook :)

  4. I agree!But you can't find boy of your dreams when you are a teenager maybe you will like him so much but not LOVE him at all , Anyway when you'll find right boy you must not be jealous for little things or maybe NOTHING.