Gossip News: Toy Story 4 , Johnny Depp

Monday, July 04, 2011

Hello beautiful readers! How are you? Hm... Are you ready for it? Are you ready for Monday's gossip news? 
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Toy story #4?

And a fourth film of Toy Story prepares the Pixar according to statements of Tom Hanks who give his voice to the protagonist of film, cowboy Woody. "I believe that they want to make an other film. I do not know what precisely happens at the headquarters of Pixar. I am waiting to see coming out white tobacco from the chimney - sign that an other toy story is coming." 
Toy Story 3 made income that exceeded the one billion dollars and it conquered the record of most commercial film of animations. 

What does Johnny Depp do with Alice Cooper?

We first saw the guitarist of Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, impersonating the father of Johnny Depp in the "Pirates of the Caribbean". Afterwards we learn that the Depp has recorded certain songs with Steve Tyler of Aerosmith. And now we see him in a club of London, next to Alice Cooper!
 Do you think that Jack Sparrow will leave acting for rock? -.^

Personally, I love Johnny even as a rocker even as an actor, I adore him!

Hm, what do you think?
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Kisses, demi_lovanto_2 / Christine 
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