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Monday, July 25, 2011

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Rihanna in New York with Pizamas?!

They are stars, they do what they want. Lady Gaga for her walks in the New York preferred a line of maddening outfits (including tights for the... face), while Rihanna came out in the streets with a men's shirt and a pair of brown men shoes - type "I-woke-up-in-an-unknown-home-and-wore-what-I-saw-in-front-of-me"Really weird!! Want to see her with "pizamas"?
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  1. Riri still looks cute!
    I adore her ♥

  2. Regardless of whatever she wears rihanna always looks fantastic. I adore spiderman :)and can'twait to see it soon xx

  3. I am not lesbo but i like the idea of wearing men's shirts!But without EVEN tights , that's a step too far! :O
    I like her red hair :D
    ++++I'm VERY excited towards the New Superman Movie! I've always loved Superman! Thanks for letting us know about it ;D
    Also, the pictures of Rihanna are very nice quality! :)

  4. Wow, Rihanna looks great with the "pizamas"!
    And about the Spiderman movie, I love the old cast more than this new cast.

  5. omg rihanna could walk like that...with no ppl aroun her.......if i'vd seen her it wouldn't be like that :D