*The End*

Monday, July 04, 2011

Monday, 4th of July 2011


I know Katy Perry says 'Last Friday Night' but no, it happened on Saturday. I mean me and him! He likes me back! I couldn't believe it when I was out with my friends that night and he actually stared at me and then my friends left me alone so he would go there and talk to me.

Which happened after they did. My God, he's so funny, he was always telling jokes and at one moment he was like: "Why you think I'm here telling jokes at you?" and I told him: "Um..Well..I don't know" " Because I like you" "I like you too", I said.

Sarah and George were together after that. It was Sarah's best night ever. She was the luckiest girl in the world to have one of her dreams come true.

                                                                      THE END

No, I'm not quoting the blog, I will just start another story called "Love Rules". You liked the ending of the story? I did my best all of this time to make it good.
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  1. what a beautiful ending :) I loved this story and I' can't wait for your next one :D

  2. The ending is great!
    It's short, but beautiful.
    Can't wait for Love Rules!

  3. I already read the story from the first chapter. It's like your own diary!