3rd time running for CG?

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Yesterday loveholic94 was broadcasting like hell just to win covergirl I thought this chic is for sure going to win 1st place because every minute you see her broadcast (picture on the left). I don't know how she does it but I can't sit around the computer that long constantly dragging words (-_-) My eyes will start hurting after a few minutes.

Today when I went to go and visit her suite and vote for her again I scroll down to read her presentation and saw this message....

(Click image to see clearly)

What surprised me here is that this isn't her first time running for covergirl but her third time, and spending 25,000 sd in the pass for running for covergirl and yet no first place. If I was spending 8,000sd on broadcasting for covergirl and I don't win first place I'm done, but this chic is determine for that trophy!

xxx Kayanna

p.s what do you guys think of my banner other than the hair? ♥
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  1. WOW! I would have spent all those sd's on something better!
    And oh, nice banner :)

  2. With that money
    i would finish off my rooms and
    buy clothes.
    But i guess she wants it really wants it. hmm

  3. 25000 SD! What a rich girl!
    If I have 25000 SD I'll buy some items from Suite Shop, designing, buy make-up and accesories from Starplaza and create a party for all my friends. But 25000 SD for broadcasting?
    Your banner is great, but you should show your body, too.

  4. :o Omg
    If I had her stardollars ...

  5. I wouldn't even spend 8,000sd on CG that would last for 24hrs of fame and a trophy =/

  6. We'll be popular after being CG, but popularity and the trophy aren't worth the Stardollars we spent to be CG.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. The thing is
    she's been running
    for a least
    4-5 days
    now, and she's ending up in 2nd place.

    And she not gonna stop
    supposedly until she wins

    -Pokerface emotion-
    : |