Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday, 28th of June 2011

I just can't believe how lucky I am and how surprising life can be. Remember my crush? Well, I saw him yesterday. And we don't really know each other, we only talked once, but yesterday HE talked to ME. I was out with my friends and it was a bit cold night for summer and as I was walking forward to the mini market to buy something, he was there, too.  "Hey!", he said.

I couldn't believe that he talked to me, because we aren't friends or something.."Hi!", I replied. "How are you?" he asked. I was pretty surprised. "I'm good and you?", I replied. "I'm fine but I gotta go.", he said."That's ok. See ya".

I can't believe he even asked me how I was. Why did he? And it's not only that. Me and my friends while walking, we saw him sitting on a bench with his friends. And he stared at me, as my friends said. My God, is there any hope that he can like me? He looks like an angel, so innocent, so cute, I can't help it.
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  1. Lmfao this is sooo akward to read no offence but it is xD

  2. aaw, that's so sweet, wish you all the luck ;)

  3. I didn't read from the first part, but the story is great!

  4. Τhanks everyone! I hope you like the story.

    And Pop_Star1234 it's not so akward, I'm a sotry writer in this blog :)