*Ughh , this should be more fair!*

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday, 13th of June 2011

What a boring day.

I couldn't sleep all night long and since I woke up, all I wanna do is sleep. But unfortunately, I can't sleep at noon. I just can't and I hate losing my time sleeping.

And my superstar ends today, it can;t get worse, can it? God, every time I say that, the universe proves me that they can. Anyways, you remember my crush? He didn't come on the dance lesson last Friday. His friend said 'he was coming' but he never actually did. I got so disappointed, as I spent so much time in front of the mirror because I thought that if I stare at him all the time, at least he can say that a very pretty girl likes him :P

And the girl that dances with him in the lesson and will dance on the performance too, said: " I might not be able to dance in the performance!" I was like: "What? Why?" I was a bit happy but I had no reason to, as I dance with that other guy. And whether she dances or not, I'll keep dancing with that guy.
And I'm getting my Lower English Certificate results soon, I hope I passed!
Ughh , this should  be more fair!
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