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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello again Ghandoora readers :)
It's Friday, Friday (Like Rebecca Black said in her song Friday. LOL)
If it's Friday, it's time to run Talented Doll of The Week!
What is that?
If you read my first post in this blog, you may know. Talented Doll of The Week isn't a competition, you don't need to do a task or some tasks to win. If you feel talented, but nobody has discovered it (Or only a few people have discovered it) you should sign up here, for a chance to be featured. It's like, if you have talent at making Sceneries, you'll be featured here and I'll show your sceneries. People will visit your Suite and check out your Sceneries, and maybe vote them 5/5. Then, you'll be popular and you'll have a chance to be Scenery Winner.
To sign up, please fill this form and post it on comment.

Stardoll name:
Why you want to be featured:

You can have more than one talent.
The lucky person who get featured will be announced next Friday, so you have more time to improve your talent!

See you next Tuesday with a different topic,
interesting sites!

Scarlet_GG/Deana xx
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  1. stardoll name: fatima135
    age: 13
    talent: making poses in sceneries
    why do u want to be featured: bcuz i make such nice sceneries and work hard on them, but no one cares about them, i see girls winning scenery comps and they're sceneries r so simple, and i don't rrly have much money to send broadcasts, so this is the best way to win and be popular and be known as the talented scenery maker!

  2. stardoll name : xhuliana
    age :15
    talent :makind scenary & albums
    qhy do u want to be fatured : because
    I really wor hard in my scenaries and on album . I don't really ahve much money to send a lot of broadcast and I really dream to be a album or scenary winner .. I see a lot of peoples winning album or scenary comps and i don't really like theyre scenarys!!!! but hope with this post i can be popular and be a album or scenary winner .. hope!! (but don't see my scenary like sp ,starpoints, shsanf etc) cuz i do them just to get STARPOINTS ...thank youu

  3. Mskendall4198
    I am a manager and one of the founders of club _HOPE_, a disease, disaster, and suffering awareness club, along with lalapretty2010 (Owner), allikinz122 (Manager), klhklhdance (Manager), Dadapretty2010 (Manager), and toby344 (Manager). We try to make people more aware of what is taking place in the world. We really want to expand our work beyond just a club, like maybe presenting some of our projects to the Stardoll staff. Right now, were doing baisic things, like wearing a dress on Mondays to support _HOPE_. Shirts will be available soon, and I'm currently working on a blog for _HOPE_. We want to make our club huge, so our works can go beyond just 80 people!

  4. I'm trying to help the world. My talent is that I'm working with many people and giving up my time to help for a good cause!

    If it's not a talent, I'll delete it. I thought it was :(

  5. It's a kind of talent, helping the world isn't a talent but I'll see your work.
    The talent is how you can attract people to see your work and join the club. And how you make your work, it's a talent, too!

  6. Stardoll name: Teenemogirl
    Age: Turining 12 on 7/7
    Talent: Making presntations and not the one in my suite,cause i made it so simple,you can check one of mine,in my Club Royalty.X
    Why you want to be featured: I would like to show people my talent!

  7. Ignore my entry then. I thought it was a talent! :(

  8. I forgot to include this:

    I want to be featured because I want more people to join _HOPE_ and be more aware of the struggles people face every day and the problems in the world humans must face. We need people to be more involved in many projects we do, also.

  9. Really sorry it's not a talent...
    Everyone can do it (Ask people to join clubs). Talented doll here, I mean person who can do something extra-ordinary. Like create your own dress, do poses in Sceneries and so on.
    But nobody has discovered it (Or only a few people have discovered it).

  10. I'm not asking people to join my club...
    Oh, I'm not going into an explaination. You don't get it.

    Does anyone get what I'm trying to say my talent is?

    Oh, am at least I'm not saying "Look at my scenery. Its really awesome and better than everyone elses so I should win to become famous."

  11. Stardoll name:MsAshleyX
    Talent:creating sceneries
    Why you want to be featured: Because it's a great opportunity to show people my talent, that i'm creative, and i have many-many ideas.. my sceneries are unique, they have something to tell... i don't do poses in every scenery, a non-posing scenery can be good too... i always see how ordinary and simple sceneries win the contest, and i hate it.. just because they are asking for votes... i want to show everyone, that there are people who don't ask everyone to vote, but maybe they deserve to win! i'm not superstar, i never was, just for 2 days, when everyone could be.. and i think that this is my opportunity to show that non-ss can make good sceneries too! if you are a superstar, it's a lot easier! so i have a blog, and i do non-ss scenery posing tutorials.. take a look at them: saloonstardoll.blogspot.com
    Well, i think that's all.. :)

  12. Stardoll name: MissElydia1999
    Age: 11
    Talent: Designing! I love designing anything from LE to spongebob! It's my dream to be on the 'top designers' list- not because I've sold my designs for 2sd so everyone will buy them, because it's my dream and I believe everyone's dream should eventually come true! To me designing isn't even about the money, it's about having fun and making people: laugh or smile! I hope you consider my application x

  13. stardoll name:Romela1998..
    talent:Make up,album,scenery,suite..And speciallity my fashion..I do beautifule makeovers..I think so coz other tell me this..
    why do u want to be featured:I work hard for my doll..And i will like that someone to see who i am,who is my style.. :D

  14. Thanks for signing up into TDTW (Talented Doll of The Week) !
    You'll never know when you'll be featured.

  15. Stardoll name:iluvladygaga232
    Talent:makeovers,fashion outfits,ummm writing:), and making my own jewelry.
    Why you want to be featured:because I would like to make more friends and I just think i would just like to.

  16. Stardoll name:Jonas-fan4ever
    Talent:Making awesome outfits in sceneries!
    Why do you want to be featured:Because making sceneries are very fun and i love to make outfits!
    For example....Once i made A Cece Jones outfit from shake it up,i made an emo girl,i made lady gaga.You get starpoints for making them!
    Thank you :3

  17. The lucky person who get featured will be announced tomorrow.

  18. Stardoll name: Marokinaa070
    Talent: Suite Make-overs (I am also a good Grhaphic - designer)
    Why you want to be featured: Because i atually work so hard for My suite so it will be nice if that hard work will be discoverd :0

  19. And my talent also is Making dresses of suite shop items :)

  20. stardoll name : pinkgirlbarbie8

    age : 15

    talent : sceneries

    i whant to be featured cause i worked so hard on my sceneries especially 'piano keys' and i hope i will get noticed oneday and become scenery winner its my dream and some scenery winners don't really deserve it and thats really annoying :) xoxo

  21. Stardoll name: MissElydia1999
    Age: 11
    Talent: Make-up/ Designing/ Presenation
    Why you want to be featured: I feel i have enough talent to be featured in the AMAZING blog! I dont want to be popular/ have loads of money. I just want to be glad to know someone enjoys my medoll/ designs/ presentation

    Thank you xxx

  22. ♥ Stardoll name- jordyn1225
    ♥ Age- Thirteen
    ♥ Talent- Suite designer
    ♥ Why I want to be featured- Because I have put so much effort into my suites, I would love to showcase my talent to the world c: I want people to actually enjoy my suites rather than pressing the stars and moving on. I think this would be a great experience for me ♥

  23. Stardoll name: MissAdelajda100
    Age: 15
    Talent: Suite designing
    Why do you want to be featured: I like your posts so I said to myself why not taking part here? Maybe I'll be one day on a Scarlet_GG post. Who kons.

    Thank you

  24. Name:beaty-girlMiss
    age :17
    talent : suite design and scenary
    why i want ot be featured : cuz i love this blog and i think that i have work alot in my suite so i need to spread it every where i have a chance

  25. Stardoll name:Funksho8
    Talent:Fashion sense
    Why you want to be featured:Because i would like to to teach stardoll about fashion creativly and what you can make out of nothing

  26. Funksho8---it can be found in my album

  27. Stardoll name: kitkat91011
    Age: 13
    Talent: Suite
    Why you want to be featured: It'd be nice for something that I've worked so hard on to be featured and shown! I love designing new rooms for my medoll's suite because it gives you a chance to show your creativity. Thank you!

  28. Yayyy more entries =]
    Improve your talent and people will see you as a real talented person.

  29. Stardoll name: --rihanna----
    Age: 15
    Talent: Album
    Why you want to be featured: I have worked really hard on my album and I really think it's very unique and worth seeing.
    I really want some feedback and I'm really happy to get it!

  30. Stardoll name: StarMinimon
    Age: 13
    Talent: Album
    Why do you want to be featured: I would love to be featured because I been put effort my album in trying to do it better everyday and work hard in it,so want my work to be worth and recognize:)

  31. stardoll name :missbora12

    why do u want to be featured:cause i everymonth do new rooms ..new design of my suite..but only thre oore four see ....

  32. Stardoll name: Stargax
    Age: 12
    Talent: I like making scenereid where my doll is posing, and my album :)
    I have tried broadcasting but not many people clicked the link :( i wud love to be featured with my album/scenery

  33. name : xxxluvxx
    talent : make up , suites and presintations !!
    why do you want to be featured : i would like to be featured to show everyone that just because of your age doesnt mean your talent is worse ! im 11 and that doesnt mean that i am worse than a 15 year olds makeovers ! i would also liked to be picked because i love stardoll ! and this blog and would really like if people actually saw my talent !

  34. Stardoll name:Kristinkakiki
    Age:Turning 11
    Talent:Making sceneries, Drawing Designs,Make-up
    Why you want to be featured: I don't know :D