Polyvore, Heaven for Fashionistas + Reminder.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello again Ghandoora readers :)
Today I'll post about interesting sites.
Stardoll is your paperdoll heaven and it says,"Fame, fashion, and friends."
But there's another heaven for fashionistas! Plus, you can create artworks and interiors there.
The site is... Polyvore.com
If you haven't ever heard about it... Polyvore is a site for sharing about (Mostly) fashion. You can found anything there: Branded things, cool pictures, amazing sets, and many more!
Here's the home page of Polyvore.com:
I logged in with my Polyvore account, so... 
You can also make your own Polyvore account, just like in Stardoll.
If you already have an account, you may see this on the top of the home page:
Click "Create" then select one of the choices. Create a set is for creating a set or Polyvore picture. If you want to create a set, this page will appear.
Choose one of the categories (E.g. Tops, Outerwear) and start creating your outfit, just like Starplaza in Stardoll.
Anyway, here's an example set (Made by me):

 Yes, you can also add backgrounds, effects, text etc. You can also put a soundtrack for your set, too!
There are many things I want to tell about Polyvore, but the post will be very long.
Anyway, to visit Polyvore click HERE
Have fun and be a creative fashionista!
P.S: Add my Polyvore account, it's Scarlet_GG/Deana.

I also write about Talented Doll of The Week on Friday. If you interested, sign up for a chance to be featured HERE
More infos about TDTW is in the link above.

Thanks for reading,
~Scarlet_GG/Deana xx
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  1. Thanks so much for posting Poplyvore.
    I like it Thanks.


  2. I joined Polyvore 2 years ago far before Stardoll :)

  3. I joined it 5 months ago...
    I usually create a Polyvore set for roleplaying outfit.

  4. I have a polyvore account and I adore it.
    Check me out Making Fashion