Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello Starchels2010 reporting with your regularly interviewing news. Do you think you've got what it takes to be interviewed this month? Want to feel like a superstar for a day? Well this is the thing for you!
Post a comment saying your username , follower name and why you think you should be interviewed. You have to be a follower though~ Hope to hear from you any time soon !
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  1. Stardoll name: panda699
    Follower name: lucinda
    I think I should be interviewed because I Want to share my creativity with the world, I think it will be fun to be interviewd :)

  2. Stardoll name: Scarlet_GG
    Follower name: Scarlet_GG
    (Well my Google account is Scarlet_GG / Deana)
    I want to be interviewed because... I think I should take a break from blogwalking, roleplaying etc. I want to be interviewed even just once in my life, because I'm very proud if I get interviewed, especially in this blog. Being interviewed is great, plus, people will know more about me.

  3. VampireLady33
    Milena Petrova
    because I am well known seller and also because of my new project 'Dear Diary' and because I have different goth style

  4. VampireLady33 should get the interview. She is at least a known person in the Stardoll world.