Interview with Demi_Lovanto_2

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello everyone. Starchels2010 your interviewer reporting here! The beautiful girl at the top there is Demi_Lovanto_2 the girl we will be interviewing today! 

Q.1.) How would you describe your style?
A-Hm, I really don't know. I am really influenced by rock music and especially from my favorite band's lead singer, Amy Lee. So I would say it's rock. But I also love to see outfits at magazines and apply them at my doll, so it's fashionable as well, at least as I see it. :)
Q.2.) I love your eye Make-up, what's your motto when it comes to things such as make-up?
A-Well, as I said before, I like rock and black is one of my favorite colors. I always use black at my make-ups. I also adore the combination between the colors black and white, so I usually use both at my doll's eye make-up. But one of my stardoll friends helps me with this, by making me make-ups or telling what would be better for my medoll. 
Q.3.) What would you say are your real life talents?
A-In real life I have many leisure activities. You could say I am good at swimming, piano and drawing. Dancing is one of my passions too, I think I am really good at it. So yeah, that's all . XD
Q.4.) Do those talents help you on stardoll?
A-I think drawing helps me a lot on stardoll since i love graphics at my doll and my steady hand helps me a lot  then. 
Q.5.) If you left stardoll, who or what would you miss the most and why?
A- If i left I would miss my friends. The ones I made here. They are part of my life. It has happened to me, to have friends on stardoll to rely on. I can't imagine my life without them. They are all so sweet to me like Ghadeer, Ashley, Amanda, Janin, Sophie, Agi and many more!  I really thank them!

Thank you for taking this quiz. I appreciate it a lot! I can see you have a lot of cultural talents which will help you later in life and great friends to help you go along life with too! You are a great role model, I think. 
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  1. I want to be interviewed! :D
    (I'm on your friends list so it makes everything a lot easier):P

  2. I would like so much to be interviewed.


  3. I want to be interviewed too...
    My SD name is Scarlet_GG