Thursday, June 30, 2011

I really could not decide so votteee!!!!

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Mission Fashion - Vote !

Hello our readers :)
It's the time to vote for the best in Mission Fashion - Task NO.1
3 models with 3 designers will be out , the judge will be individual

luzone290 left the competition !

** Stop the song in the i- pod and play the song here **

Vote for your favorite designer :

Vote for your favorite model  : 

Who is the best / worst ?

 Last day to vote : 4/July

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Style it !

Hi everybody!
I'm mini_12_5 and I'm the new writer for this blog.

I love fashion, desinging and drawing.

I'll be making new, cheap, NON-superstar oufits. :)

I'm from Europe, and here it is SUMMER ! So, this week's oufit is very SUMMER-ish. Enjoy!

Wanna be model in my next post? Describe your style in 3 words. I'll choose one person and give her/him an oufit make-over.

& Tell us your opinion under comments.

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Hello Starchels2010 reporting with your regularly interviewing news. Do you think you've got what it takes to be interviewed this month? Want to feel like a superstar for a day? Well this is the thing for you!
Post a comment saying your username , follower name and why you think you should be interviewed. You have to be a follower though~ Hope to hear from you any time soon !
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Hey guys! Thank you for all of you're nice comments on my last post, and I'm glad that my new writing topic is a success! Anyways, for all you readers, please check out this little poll I made for you all!

Now, if you're one of the un-lucky girls with oily skin, or a lot of break up Neutrogena has come up with a cover up makeup that helps hide pimples, AND gets rid of them!

So..what is cover up? Well, I'm pretty sure the name gives it away..It is a skin colored makeup that helps COVER UP little pimples, or even freckles!

You can get cover up in powder, or liquid (below) 

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Rate Us !

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello Readers :)
I'm Ghandoora , i think from the title of the post you know what i want !
i want you to help me by answering this survey , it's really mean alot for me !
Feel Free ;)

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Best & worst

Hi. My name is Veronika, i'm a new writer here. WHAT I'M GOING TO WRITE ABOUT?
On Wednesdays and on Saturdays I'm going to pick one celeb who is the best dressed and who is unfortunately the worst dressed. then I will write down what's good and what's bad, then we will discuss about it in sweet comments!


What a hair - huge mess, we got everything: bird nest, curls and that ugly blue highlight.
Kesha always looks weird, probably this time she wanted to be normal, but she is not good at it, she just missed with that "half" dress, the upper part of dress is nice tailored but the shorts and on the back long dress is just not formal. It will be fine without shorts. We can skip the shoes.
What about accessories? AHH to much that sparkle things on hand and the clutch doesn't match either.

I love this brunette curly hair. That curls make a simple happy chic look I will say.
We can sew Rachel this week in every top ten list. We just love her red short lace dress. So simple, chic, elegant, three in one. That she gave a little glamor with black tights and black ankle heels.
She is wearing never out of mode Ray Ban glasses and that looks so retro, She doesn't wear any accessories, cause the dress is one big accessories.

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What To Wear-Real Makeup

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey everyone! I am now doing What To Wear In Real-Makeup! I will be giving you some quick tips, and pictures, and advice, so enjoy, and comment!


This little beauty can make you're eyelashes blossom, and make them look fantastic! You can find various colors of mascara; including brown, and black. Black is most common!

Eyeliner is also available in many, many colors! You can even get it in blue, and purple! You must choose eyeliner wisely, You have to go by your eye-color, and whether you want pencil , or liquid. Pencil is the best, it's easier to apply, and liquid smears so easily, and also it makes you're eyes look horrible!

How do you choose a color? Read below!


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Tuesday, 28th of June 2011

I just can't believe how lucky I am and how surprising life can be. Remember my crush? Well, I saw him yesterday. And we don't really know each other, we only talked once, but yesterday HE talked to ME. I was out with my friends and it was a bit cold night for summer and as I was walking forward to the mini market to buy something, he was there, too.  "Hey!", he said.

I couldn't believe that he talked to me, because we aren't friends or something.."Hi!", I replied. "How are you?" he asked. I was pretty surprised. "I'm good and you?", I replied. "I'm fine but I gotta go.", he said."That's ok. See ya".

I can't believe he even asked me how I was. Why did he? And it's not only that. Me and my friends while walking, we saw him sitting on a bench with his friends. And he stared at me, as my friends said. My God, is there any hope that he can like me? He looks like an angel, so innocent, so cute, I can't help it.
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Polyvore, Heaven for Fashionistas + Reminder.

Hello again Ghandoora readers :)
Today I'll post about interesting sites.
Stardoll is your paperdoll heaven and it says,"Fame, fashion, and friends."
But there's another heaven for fashionistas! Plus, you can create artworks and interiors there.
The site is...
If you haven't ever heard about it... Polyvore is a site for sharing about (Mostly) fashion. You can found anything there: Branded things, cool pictures, amazing sets, and many more!
Here's the home page of
I logged in with my Polyvore account, so... 
You can also make your own Polyvore account, just like in Stardoll.
If you already have an account, you may see this on the top of the home page:
Click "Create" then select one of the choices. Create a set is for creating a set or Polyvore picture. If you want to create a set, this page will appear.
Choose one of the categories (E.g. Tops, Outerwear) and start creating your outfit, just like Starplaza in Stardoll.
Anyway, here's an example set (Made by me):

 Yes, you can also add backgrounds, effects, text etc. You can also put a soundtrack for your set, too!
There are many things I want to tell about Polyvore, but the post will be very long.
Anyway, to visit Polyvore click HERE
Have fun and be a creative fashionista!
P.S: Add my Polyvore account, it's Scarlet_GG/Deana.

I also write about Talented Doll of The Week on Friday. If you interested, sign up for a chance to be featured HERE
More infos about TDTW is in the link above.

Thanks for reading,
~Scarlet_GG/Deana xx
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Well girls, the people have spoken and they have decided who won this comp. To be honest all of you made a good job, but only one is the winner.

Okay no more talking, the poll results are:

Congratulations! hebafares96

Im going to put in contact with you as soon as I can ;) oh! and thanks for join A new comp. is coming ♥

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80'S COMP! ♥

Sunday, June 26, 2011

wow girls! I'm surprised You've made awesome outfits! and now Its time to vote the best!

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Ancient Greece

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hi everyone my firsst post since i'm bk!
Please can we comment on the amazing post all off us witers give.

i'm a bit rusty ...I decided to do acient greece

My acient greek style as usual AMAZING!

Ancient greek style rulles the runway to day look at theses pics!

Truly amazing stuff

Greeks wore light linen clothes as it was motly hot during the year

they acctually did not wear underwear!!

The men wore chiton

They used pins to hold there clothes to prevent them from dropping

I personally think that is really cool be a fashion designer everyday!!

TASK: Try getting an old white sheet and pinning them to suit ur style!!

The greek inspire our wardrobes today can you see they sort of look greek if thats a good word to use,The gladiators may look roman but as a histoy student :D THE ROMANS acctually went to greece and stole their stuff so it's all greek to me!

Girls and wimen usually had curly hair that they tied back with gold clasps to hold their hair back very fashionable ladies

My Ancient Greek Woman what do you think!!

I would like to make a comp and create your own greek goddess winner will be featured on here and get 20sd


*i understand I wasn't that great*
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