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Monday, May 09, 2011

Monday, 9th of May 2011

Finally I did the Lower/FCE exam.

OMG, I woke up at 6:00 am just to go there with the other girls way earlier than we had to. And the previous day it was the Speaking and I started crying before I got in for the examination but thanks God, everything was easy and I did great (I think so). And on Friday we had that school trip and it was great, too. But also tiring. And you know what I learnt from a friend of mine? That this girl was complimenting my ex all the time and even more. She likes him and that's MORE than obvious.

She always did and now that he's free, she does whatever she wants. Go ahead, girl! Do what you like! But you shouldn't when run after him when I was with him. And don't think I didn't see today while we were watching a small play that you said something to him, then looked at me. Don't EVER think that I don't know you were talking --of course-- about me. But that's OK. It's totally OK. I don't even know why I'm getting so mad when I see them. And it's really "funny" to see how every time they are next to each other. I mean, like seriously, how this can happen every time? Well, OK if he likes her back, then OK.

But it would be a lie that he wasn't ready if he do something with her. Because as I know now, they're JUST friends. But it was really funny --or not-- to see today that SHE was giving HIM some chocolate as if they were ACTUALLY together. Me and my friend laughed-out-loud like SO MUCH. I mean, seriously they're acting like they're more than friends. OMG, are they more than friends? Who cares..

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  1. Well,they are not just friends.Beautiful story!!

  2. Thank you!

    Well, I hope they are :P

  3. Wow,amazing story :)

  4. Girls werlt werly great story! and if they are more friends who care's? Maby she is jalous when you guys had a relaition ship, Just laugh !