What Accessories To Wear

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hey everyone, do you sometimes feel like you're outfits are just...well, boring? You're solution was probably rummaging around for some accessories. I know that would be mine. So, anyways...I'm going to show you some cute, and fashionable accessories for What To Wear!

Sterling Silver/Gold Hoops
You can put these cute, and fashionable earrings in your ears every day! You have various different colors to search for, but the two most popular are gold & sterling silver. How do I know which one I should wear? Well, usually gold works for lighter hair, like blondes, and light brown, and silver, on the other hand, works for darker hair, like black and darker brown.

Headbands! One of your hairs best friends! You can find them in numerous colors, basically..everywhere! From $5 to $30 headbands range in many sizes, and shapes. Stars, like Lady Gaga, wear them often!

-kkrrbb78 xoxo
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  1. Oh Thanks!!
    That helped me very much!

  2. I love hoops and headbands, I have many of them xx

  3. i have many earings like that

  4. I can't wear hoops...But I can wear little earings.And headbands,well i wear them.Not a lot but...yeah.Fabuls.

  5. I liked the tips thanks.Headbands/bandanas are quite big now...

  6. I love headbands, I have more than 10 :)

  7. Great Tips

    Lenoosh luvs Ghadeer